Devin Ford Coaching


CrossFit is a bitch of a sport. Needing to be good at everything is cool, but a pain in the ass to train for. This is one of the reasons it is undeniably beneficial to have a coach or a program written out for you, tuned to your goals.

If you don’t know how to tailor your diet or training programs towards your goals (without biasing them towards your strengths), your leaving your gains to chance, while in the meantime, those who do know how, are progressing much faster to their own goals.

For this reason I have began to offer program creation in two areas: training programs and nutritional/supplement programs.

It also helps to have someone hold you accountable to your programming. I know for me, this was a real game changer and it will be for you as well.


100% Refund if You do Not Improve.



Training Program (4 weeks):

  • 1 hour Skype consultation
  • day by day programming tuned to your specific goals
  • assessment tests to see where weak spots are
  • full strength and met-con programming
  • Unlimited email responses
  • video training/coaching
Price: $200/ month

Nutrition Programing (4 weeks):

  • 1 hour phone consultation
  • day by day meal plan tuned to your specific goals
  • current diet analysis
  • recommended supplement usage to further your goals
  • up to 4 emails per week
  • 40 page nutritional ebook explaining various nutrition sciences
Price: $120 / month
***If you are interested in both (best case scenario) the price is $250***

If you are interested please Contact me asap as I will begin to cap my clients as to make sure I can devote enough attention to each.