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One of the ideas that runs this blog is extending the same passion, drive, “programming” and overall attitude we use to progress in CrossFit, towards life. If we direct this power towards any goal in life, there is simply nothing we can’t accomplish. After all, CrossFit is not just a workout, but rather a mindset of doing things differently because they work and progress us towards our goals quicker and more effectively than anything else.

As a huge self reliance and dream living nut the question that has continually ran through my head was this: At what point do you not continue going after what you want? Or in other words, is there ever a price that is too high to pay for going after what you want? What if it hurts others in the process? At what point is it “too much”? Does such a thing exist?

Take For Example These Situations:

  • Leaving your friends/family to live abroad and follow your passion. Does the possibility of not seeing them as much/at all stop you from going after what you want?
  • Leaving or “firing” some of your friends. What if, do be the best you can be you need to “let go” of negative influences on your life? This could be those who are close to you… family, friends and close colleges.
  • Letting go of other “actives” that may be your hobbies to free up time for your passion.
  • What if going after what you want directly impacts someone else, in a negative way? Should you still go after it, or let it pass, because it would be “selfish”?

Most guess that I would say “yes, no matter what, go after it”, but it’s not that simple. Instead, I would ask you to think in a different way… go after whatever makes you happy. Period.

The world is too complex to ever know if you are doing the “right thing”. I’m not sure such a thing exists. I believe people make things too complicated by trying to fix or prevent things from happening to others.

It’s simple really… the only thing you can control is yourself. You haven’t the slightest idea what your actions will have on others. The only thing we do know is what makes us happy. This should be our main concern.

If going after what makes you happy creates distance between you and others that were “close” to you then so what? If they can’t get along with what makes you happy they were never “close” to you in the first place.

Worried about what your actions will do to others? Don’t be… as I said earlier, you have NO idea what your actions will do, and it is completely foolish to base YOUR actions off of what you THINK will happen to OTHERS. It’s just pure irrationality… For all you know not going after what you want could negatively impact others… then where are you?

Does This Make Me Selfish?

Does this make you selfish? Absolutely not. There is a basic human need in all of to help others. It’s one of the main things that makes us happy, and if that’s the case then by following what makes you happy; you will most likely be helping more people than you do now. The difference is this: you do it because YOU want to… because you choose to help people, not because you’re told to or because you feel guilt-ed into doing it. More importantly, once you establish who you are and what you want and make it happen by any means necessary you will have a lot more power and be in a much better position to help others. If you’re not happy, how can you get others to be?

People change, thoughts change, dreams change and thus, lives change. Threes no way to predict anything, nor should there be. Follow your happiness, and wherever it takes you is exactly where you should be. Period.


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