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It’s the New Year. It’s time to step up your game and do all you can to reach your dreams. Time to stop smoking, start eating clean and start working out hard then you ever have right?


You know it and I know it.

Most people who make resolutions, especially in the health and fitness world, rarely ever keep them.  In fact, the University of Scranton did a study that suggests only 8% out of the 40% of Americans that make resolutions hold true to their promises. Since this is as accurate an inaccurate study could be I would argue the numbers would be much more dismal in the health and fitness world specifically.

We see it all the time. The gym is PACKED all throughout January even though December was empty. Then as February approaches it seems to get less and less crowded.

So what’s the deal?

Why do so many people fail? What sets apart the 8% from the other 32% of America that made a resolution? (Side note: to give comparison approximately one-third of Americans watch the super bowl. This means that more people make resolutions then watch the super bowl.)

Below are steps to ensure you reach your resolutions (or any goal for that matter) and how to be within the 8%, and not end up in the general populations 32%.


1. Pick Goals That Are Realistic

I’ll be the first to say I hate this word. Big goals and big dreams are the key to reaching success. They provide the energy and motivation to get through the mundane and tough work that is required to get to the “big show”. So few people have such big goals and actually believe them, so having them puts you in a company of few already.

So why should your resolution be different then your dream? Because Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your dreams take years – not a year.

Instead, find a goal or a stepping stone that is needed to reach your dreams and make that your resolution for this year, just one big step up the ladder. If you can stand tall next New Year’s Eve and honestly say “I am one big step closer to my dreams” then you nailed it.


2. Set On Measurable Goals

This goes a long with picking realistic goals. You need goals that are measurable, because you need to know that you did it or did not. You need to know that each day you are either getting closer or further away.

It’s one thing say to “I want to be healthy” it’s quite another to make a resolution to say I will only have 6 cheat meals/month. That’s something you know you’re either doing or NOT doing.


3. Add Accountability

There is a funny saying in the fitness world “everyone wants accountability until you hold them accountable”. In other words, accountability sounds fun at sign up but can be a HUGE pain in the ass if your goals are not reachable OR you are not serious enough to make them a reality.

Accountability comes in many forms for different fields but typically reflects a coach or someone to help guide you and hold you accountable to your day-to-day work. This day-to-day work leads to your goals or resolutions which years later turn into your dream.

It drastically increases your chances to reach your goals with this accountability…. But remember this will not be fun if you’re not doing the work.


4. Pick Goals That You Are Obsessive With

Those who are truly great in their fields have an attachment to their goals that seem obsessive to others. They have to, because it’s very easy to get distracted in life and let things slip apart, but the obsessive attitude and obsessive attachment to realistic and measurable goals is like gasoline on a fire, the effectiveness blows up 10-fold and goals happen quicker than previously thought possible.

Over all, New Year’s is a great time to start a new habit or make better choices. Many people fail at keeping these new promises, mainly, in my opinion because they fail to set them up properly, not because they didn’t want the outcome to happen.

If you set realistic stepping-stones that are measurable so you can see the progress over the course of the year, and add in a coach or other accountability then you will nail this New Year’s resolution.

If you feel these goals down to your core, and can envision what it would look and feel like to reach these goals, then you have everything you need to reach your dream, one year at a time…

Here’s to starting this year.

Devin Ford


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